Hollywood U: Rising Stars

Our new game, Hollywood U: Rising Stars is now live on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire. Following up on the huge success of High School Story, I’m proud of the work our team has done on this game, especially the story. Check it out now!

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High School Story

It’s been a crazy year! After a great, long run with Electronic Arts, I’m now working for Pixelberry, a plucky startup with an amazing game: High School Story. Since joining, I’ve been hard at work crafting stories with the great writing team here, including many old friends.

Thanks to the hard work of many people at the studio, we’ve reached as high as the top 10 on the iPhone grossing chart and top 50 on Google Play!

High School Story is available on both iOS and Android devices, so check it out now!

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Game Developer’s Conference

I’m incredibly excited to speak at GDC tomorrow. My presentation, “Surviving High School: Game to Novel and Back Again” will discuss me and my team’s process of creating the book series and rebooting the game. If you’re attending GDC, come on over and see me. The talk is at 2:20 PM.

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Thanks for the reviews!

It’s been so gratifying to read nice reviews of the Surviving High School novel from book bloggers! As I’ve done a few appearances at bookstores and festivals, I’ve met several dedicated bloggers who provide an essential link between authors (who need publicity) and fans (who want to find new, awesome books.) Thanks to all of you for the kind words–it certainly encourages me to keep writing. Check out the reviews below:

Book DessertJustin’s Book BlogThe Bookish BabeHobbitsiesImaginary ReadsParanormal WastelandsBook Sp(l)otPublishers WeeklyCindy’s Love of Books

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A JetSet Halloween!

The Halloween update for JetSet Secrets is now live! There are three new backgrounds available, along with a new story. Great job by the art team on creating a bewitching costume for Mikki!

Try it out now!

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Surviving High School: How to be a Star

With the release of the first Surviving High School book less than a month in the rear-view mirror, the advanced release copies for Book Two have already shown up. I can’t wait for the next story to get out to fans!

Starring Emily’s best friend Kimi as she has a brush with internet infamy, Surviving High School: How to be a Star is currently slated for a May, 2013 release!

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JetSet Secrets is live!

For the past few months, I’ve been working on JetSet Secrets, an awesome hidden object game on Facebook from EA’s Velvet Stingray Studio. It’s been great collaborating on the story with Wendy Despain, Jim Preston, Aaron Loeb, and the entire JetSet Secrets team. After a lot of hard work, we’ve come up with an engaging story full of mystery, romance, and adventure. See for yourself here!

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The Book is Out!

The Surviving High School book is out!

Now that it’s here, I’m naturally concerned with logistical details and concerns. Will it sell? Will people like it? What’s the best way to promote it?

And yet at times, it’s important to remind myself that this is also something to be celebrated. Since sixth grade, I’ve dreamed of holding my own book in my hands, and now that’s a reality. When the book arrived in the mail, I definitely spend a little time cradling it in my arms, dancing with it, and flipping the pages to waft the “new book smell” into my nostrils. Part of that moment is captured in the photo at right.

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Surviving High School Appearances!

With an official publication date of Sep. 4th, the Surviving High School novel is coming soon! It’s been awesome to see the growing excitement amongst fans over at our game’s Facebook page, and I think they won’t be disappointed.

To get the word out, I’ll be appearing at several book stores and festivals! A partial list appears below… I’ll try to keep the page updated as we nail down more details on other appearances.

Sep. 8th. Los Altos, CA: Linden Tree Books

Sep. 29th. Austin, Texas: Austin Teen Book Festival

Sep. 30th. Orange County, CA: Kids Book Festival

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Free eBook Weekend!

For this weekend only, the eBook of Almost Kings is available for free on the Kindle Store. After one day, it’s up to #70 overall on free, and #3 in literary fiction! Please check it out and grab a copy for yourself!

…make that #48 on free, #2 in literary fiction! Thanks everyone.

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