Surviving High School:

Back in 2004, I wrote the original story and script for Surviving High School, a game that originated on mobile phones and has since expanded to iPhone and Nintendo DS. For the full story of SHS, check out Steve Palley’s excellent Gamasutra article.

Surviving Hollywood:

As a follow up to Surviving High School, I wrote the original story for Surviving Hollywood. I also wrote several dozen follow-up episodes and oversaw the game throughout its 70+ episode run. Click here for a review.

Big City Life:

I wrote the bulk of the content for this social game based on flirty singles having fun in the Big City. The game took on the form of a life sim incorporating elements of work in a variety of professions, socializing, and dating. Fun fact: I wrote over 1,000 one-line jokes for the project!

JetSet Secrets:

I collaborated on the story and script for this hidden-object game by EA’s Velvet Stingray studio, which mixed 60s glamor with a modern sensibility. You play the Detective as he scours the world for clues, trying to solve mysteries in exotic locations. For a nice writeup of the game, there’s also a great article here.

High School Story:

High School Story puts you in charge of a high school as you build it from the ground up and fill it with your friends. The game features fully-customizable characters, regular updates, and new stories every week.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars

You play a new students at Hollywood U, the top university for rising stars. The bulk of my work is on the primary quest line, which sees you adding to your entourage, working on movies and music videos, and climbing the Hollywood food chain!